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Claiming Warranty

All hardware and software in our catalogue is covered by the manufacturer's warranties. This means you are entitled to the warranty that the manufacturer has determined for that product. The warranty is specific to each individual product.

Please note the warranty period for batteries is one year.

If you have any questions or would like to claim warranty service, you can do this in two ways:

  • By contacting the manufacturer directly without any interaction with Komplett.
  • By contacting our customer service department to request collection of the item.

Subject to the legislation on warranty and conformity, products in our Outlet range are sold with a 6 month warranty unless otherwise indicated.

Komplett Policy on Replacements

We offer a wide range of products and it is impossible for us to always have replacement stock available. Where we are unable to repair a product, we will first offer you an identical replacement or a similar or superior product. Instead you may request that our returns department issue a refund. Depending on the age of the product we may refund the value of the item at current day value.

Please fill in this form to have a product collected for repair.

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