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How do I restore my Windows 7 system?

By resetting your system back to factory settings, Windows is reinstalled and any software problems will be solved.
You can perform a Windows 7 factory recovery in two ways:

Use a previously created system recovery DVD
You can find the instructions for this on the Microsoft Website.

Start the System Restore feature that is activated when starting up your system
How the system restore feature can be started is dependent on the brand of your system:

  • BrandFunction keys
    Acer ALT+F10
    Asus F9
    Compaq F11
    HP F11
    Lenovo Aparte knop
    Medion F11
    MSI F4
    Packard Bell ALT+F10
    Paradigit F8
    Samsung F4
    Sony F10
    Toshiba F12

• Restart your system and immediately when starting up, push the button indicated by your manufacturer several times.
• A screen will appear that allows you to perform a system recovery. If the Windows logo appears, the button was pressed too late and you need to try again.
• Choose Factory Recovery and follow the steps indicated on the screen.

The recovery process has how started. This process takes approximately 1-4 hours.